Choose the most comfortable club membership option for you or ask us any questions; we are here to help.
In 2023, for the first time in our years of operation, the association has decided to introduce club membership. This is of great significance to us because we believe it's essential to know and connect with the club members and invite them to be a part of DAR.


Tarjeta de socio
Basic, the most affordable option. It allows you to seek help and support within the community (for example, to find a trusted specialist among its members and get a free consultation), serve as a volunteer for the association, and assist our beneficiaries.
Tarjeta de partner
Suitable for those who have their own business or product. It provides the opportunity to participate in the association's events or organize your own with our support, and to use our platform for the development of your own business.
Tarjeta VIP
For active entrepreneurs ready to actively engage in their own promotion and fully utilize networking.
Cardholders participate and assist in organizing events, gain access to new audiences, and have the opportunity to manifest among people with similar values.
Tarjeta DAR+
A special option for those who would like to support queer individuals in the community and among our beneficiaries, as well as share their experience at the association's meetings and events.
Amigos DAR
Do you have your own business, project, or enterprise? Share information about DAR on your social media, representations, and offices. Use our QR code for donations and the DAR Amigos sticker to attract more volunteers and like-minded individuals.
We will feature you in our "Friends and Partners" section and share information about you on our social media. Let's be friends!
We organize workshops, picnics, free lessons, and other events where you can find like-minded individuals, useful connections, and enjoyable company.
The DAR community is not only about helping others but also about strong mutual support within the community. Together, we grow faster, change our lives and the world around us, and simply have a great time.
Become a сlub member!
When you subscribe to a monthly payment, you will receive a club card.
The association can operate effectively (and indeed, exist at all) only with the support of the community. We do not have sponsors or government backing, but there are always administrative expenses.
Club cards

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